Offering support to women and men ages 13-24 who are pregnant and/or parenting


Rockingham County is one of five counties across North Carolina that receives funding for the Young Families Connect program. North Carolina’s Young Families Connect: Engaging Communities works to create strong partnerships in each county to serve pregnant and/or parenting women and men ages 13 – 24 years. The program strives to reduce barriers to existing services, provide linkages to services, promote healthy behaviors and help create new systems of care that will help young parents become more self-sufficient. 


  • Increase high school graduation rates.
  • Increase enrollment into post-secondary education.
  • Increase enrollment in continuing education classes.
  • Decrease case of child abuse and neglect.
  • Increase participation in prenatal care and birth planning.
  • Increase enrollment in medical homes (adult and child).
  • Increase parenting skills and competencies.


In the first 6 months (February – July 2014), Rockingham County Young Families Connect provided intensive case management services to 44 young mothers and fathers. Funding assistance for GED and Continuing Education classes, medical care assistance, and other financial services are available to participants after enrollment. Continued support depends upon progress toward goals and attendance at training sessions. When committing to YFC participants agree to:

  • Work with the Case Manager to set up a goal plan within 35 days of enrollment;
  • Have monthly contact with my Case Manager to discuss progress toward their goals;
  • Participate in the required education sessions on self-sufficiency, healthy relationships, family planning, reproductive life planning, and parenting (minimum of 16 hours).


If you are interested in the services offered or would like to volunteer, please contact Daphne Alsiyao, Young Families Connect Coordinator at 336-342-9676 or email