Board of Directors

Dawn Charaba
Stephanie Ellis
Felissa Ferrell
Merald Holloway
Serena Hooker
Kristen Hudy
Jacky Miller
Morgan Moore
Cheryl Paschal
Hetal Patel
Mark Richardson
Nell Rose
Hunter Smothers
Fred Thompson
Donna White

Meet the Staff

The Rockingham County Partnership for Children, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is governed by a dynamic, diverse Board of Directors whose members represent the diversity of the community and are committed to the mission of ensuring all children in Rockingham County enter school healthy and ready to succeed.

The daily work of the Partnership is carried out by a staff who work to ensure the highest quality services are available for young children and families. Staff duties range from administering programs and services to providing services directly to young children and families.

All staff may be reached via email at:

(First name) (Last initial)


Heather Adams

Executive Director

Wendy Little

Finance Director

Cynthia Langston

Administrative Assistant

April Cox

Early Education Services Coordinator

Adina Tompkins

NC Pre-k Coordinator

Daphne Alsiyao

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Stacie Mitchell

Early Education Specialist

Wanda Sparks

PAT Parent Educator

Renee Watkins

PAT Parent Educator

Ashley May

APP Coordinator

Melissa Hardy

NFP Nurse Home Visitor

Robin Corriher

NFP Nurse Home Visitor

Lissette Rodriguez

Family Support Services Coordinator

Liz Sedgwick

NFP Supervisor


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