Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers (PAT) provides monthly home visits to families of children prenatal through kindergarten entry to assist and support parents in teaching their children and preparing them for school. The program provides services in:

  • health and physical development
  • social and emotional development
  • language development and communication
  • cognition and general knowledge
  • approaches toward learning

Each child in the program receives a developmental screening. The four areas consist of language, large and small motor skills, social/emotional, vision and hearing. Referrals are made for other needed services and/or further evaluation. Some parents have enrolled with concerns about their child’s development, to find they are completely within normal limits. A formal health & dental screening are offered once a year to each family.

The PAT program also offers families opportunities to take part in group trainings and social gatherings offered throughout the community. PAT educators are available to speak to community groups about the benefits of the PAT program.

For more information on enrolling in the Parents as Teachers Program or to schedule a presentation, contact Lissette at (336) 623-6002.