Early Care and Education

One of the main focuses of the Rockingham County Partnership for Children is early care and education for children and for those who provide care for children. The following are services provided to child care facilities (child care centers, family child care homes, public pre-k and Head Start classrooms), young children and families throughout the county.


  • The Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) provides support throughout the county to achieve early care and education goals. Click here for more information about the CCR&R.

    The CCR&R also administers the Early Childhood Education Incentives Program.  Education Incentives offers a financial incentive to early childhood educators working in a regulated child care facility who are working on a degree in early childhood education or child development.  Early childhood educators who have completed their degree may also qualify for a retention bonus.  Clicke here for an application packet. 
  • The North Carolina Pre-kindergarten program (NC Pre-k) focuses on providing eligible, at-risk 4-year-old children valuable pre-kindergarten educational experiences. Click here for more information about NC Pre-k.
  • The Child Care Health Consultant (CCHC) promotes safe and healthy environments for children in regulated child care programs by providing training, technical assistance and consultation on topics related to health, safety, sanitation and nutrition.

    These services are provided to help resolve identified health or safety problems, to improve the health of children in child care, and to assess the facility’s overall health and safety status with a goal of providing a higher quality program for children enrolled in regulated child care facilities.

    By providing technical assistance to child care programs, the CCHC also works to lower the incidence of illness and communicable disease, to improve compliance with health and safety regulations and standards, and to increase children’s access to primary, preventive care.

    The CCHC works closely with the CCR&R staff to ensure the needs of child care facilities are met.

    To request assistance from the CCHC or to get more information about the services provided, please click here
  • The Child Care WAGE$ Project provides salary supplements to early childhood educators who are working toward or have achieved higher levels of education in the early childhood field. For more information about how to apply for WAGE$ please click here.
  • Through a partnership with the Department of Social Services the Partnership for Children allocates funding to help subsidize the cost of child care for eligible families. Additional information about child care subsidy can be obtained by calling (336) 349-5629 or (336) 349-3478.
  • Through a collaboration with Regional Child Care Resources and Referral at Guilford Child Development parents and/or caregivers may receive free referrals to a variety of child care and after school care options in Rockingham County.