About Us

The Rockingham County Partnership for Children (RCPC) is a public, private non-profit organization, which administers Smart Start funds and services for children age birth through five and their families in Rockingham County.

Our mission is helping children enter school healthy and ready to succeed. RCPC works towards this mission by seeking out agencies, organizations and individuals that work with young children and their families in order to create collaborations to enhance or create needed services. The Rockingham County Partnership for Children Board of Directors has adopted a set of 4 goals regarding the allocation of Smart Start funds.

Our goals:

  • To increase the number of families accessing early childhood services in Rockingham County;
  • To ensure that all children will have a primary provider of medical care who will look at vision, dental, immunization, blood lead levels, obesity, child abuse/neglect and provide developmental screenings;
  • To increase compensation and benefits for child care providers and support access to high quality early childhood environments for all children;
  • To increase the number of children receiving subsidized child care who are enrolled in a quality child care facility.

These priorities were adopted based on a Performance Based Incentive System (PBIS) that is required by the NC Legislature. PBIS is a set of standards that each local Smart Start partnership within the State must strive to achieve. Additional and continued funding will be based on each local partnership's ability to achieve the PBIS standards.

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